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Bourns meets the AEC-Q200 standard

Connector Geek

Electronic products have to work in some of the most demanding environments in the world. In fact, some of the harshest environments are those we encounter everyday, and the automotive world is a perfect example. Whether subjected to vibration, extremes of temperature, moisture or other contaminants, electronic devices still need to function every time.


At the same time, systems and electronics within automobiles have become increasingly sophisticated as manufacturers seek to introduce new features every year. Customer satisfaction demands that each of these features must be reliably powered, protected and connected. Our friends at Bourns have substantial automotive experience and manufacture leading component solutions. The Bourns Automotive division has extensive experience designing, building and supplying high reliability components that comply with the AEC-Q200 standard. Bourns offers a wide variety of resistors and magnetics to condition and filter electronic circuits. To complement our conditioning products, we offer a portfolio of circuit protection products that have been designed specifically for automotive applications.

The AEC-Q200 qualification is a global standard that describes how passive components need to be tested for use in automotive applications, published by the Automotive Electronics Council. In selecting a component that complies with the AEC-Q200 standard, the engineer can be sure that they have chosen will meet the needs of this challenging application.

All Bourns® components that are approved for automotive applications are manufactured in facilities that are fully certified to TS 16949, and have been tested and qualified using the AEC-Q200 specification for passive components. Bourns also offers customers access to our application test lab.

The SRP1038A series is a perfect example of an AEC-Q200 compliant product. A series of shielded wire-wound SMD inductors, the temperature range of -40°C to +150°C makes them ideal for use in automotive electronics. To view this and the whole Bourns Magnetic range, take a look at this video.

The SRP1038A series is available now from RS Components. Click below to see the range.


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