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Boost your efficiency with quadcore power!

The new era of performance power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz has now begun with the launch of the R&S®NGP800 series (197-5253) . These power supplies are designed for versatile applications. They are ideal when speed and advanced programming features are deciding factors in test performance.

The R&S®NGP800 power supply series, comprising five powerful models with 400 or 800 W, provides maximum power at a variety of operating points. The new generation of power supplies provides two or four output channels which can each supply maximum output power up to 200 W, maximum voltage up to 64 V or maximum current up to 20 A. Electrically equivalent and galvanically isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel for up to 250 V or 80 A. The large high-resolution touchscreen and the intuitive operating concept allow you to enter values much faster and to display statistics in realtime.

Performance power supplies

There are different classes of power supplies, while the R&S®NGP800 power supplies belong to the performance class. These kinds of instruments are typically used in labs, ATE applications and production lines. Features such as DUT protection, fast programming and command processing times and downloadable V and I sequences are distinguishing and make these instruments great on the bench or in an automated test system.

What are the main benefits of the R&S®NGP800 power supply series?

  • Full flexibility. The R&S®NGP800 combines four power supplies in one single instrument. This allows saving costs and valuable space on the bench or in the rack. The large high-resolution touch display makes operation easy. Quick navigation is guaranteed and the home screen provides a clear overview of all channels. Each channel can be selected for a more detailed view, including real-time statistics for power, voltage and current measurements. Besides, the user gets the maximum power at various operating points. In case the application requires more voltage or current, parallel and serial operation is possible by connecting the outputs.   

  • Full functionality. Various features help to be more efficient with everyday measurement tasks. While the ramp function allows the control of inrush currents, programmable output delays are used to set up power-up sequences. The arbitrary function QuickArb supports generating voltages that vary over time and allows the user to program complex patterns to emulate real-world power scenarios. Built-in measurements allow for quick analysis directly on the device while the data can be logged for in-depth post analysis and reproducible test setups. Remote sensing guarantees the set voltage at the input terminals of the DUT. A configurable user button gives quick access to frequently used actions and the user adjustment immensely limits downtimes. 

  • Full safety. The R&S®NGP800 includes important protection functions, including an OCP, OVP as well as an OPP. These are essential to protect your DUT during limit testing. The electronic fuses can be set individually with programmable response behaviour and sensitivity; fuses can also be linked to other channels with the fuse link function. Using safety limits the power supply can be restricted to values that are not dangerous for the DUT.

  • Full connectivity. To meet the requirements of varying environments, there is an array of interfaces which allows the user to remotely control the instrument. USB and LAN are standard, while there are optional interfaces such as wireless LAN or IEEE-488. For easier access, the R&S®NGP800 power supplies come with pluggable 8-pin terminal blocks for the rear output connections. The optional digital I/O allows to setup advanced trigger systems that can also be used to synchronize multiple instruments. The output voltages and currents can be controlled directly and much faster with external control voltages from 0 V to 5 V via the optional analogue input interface.

Rohde & Schwarz is a high-tech company that thrives on innovation. To maintain its high quality standards, Rohde & Schwarz keeps almost the entire value chain within the company while the majority of products are developed in Germany. The Munich based technology group develops, produces and sells a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry and government customers with a focus on solutions that contribute to a safer and connected world.

30 Mar 2020, 10:01