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Bio-Dome At St Mary's Junior School

We would like to start off by giving a special mention to St Mary’s junior school in Shinfield, who have built 24 raised beds to grow food to sell to their local community. After a dry summer, the school decided to install a Bio-Dome to improve the yields.

The school have raised £7,000 through the sales of their produce and after one of their pupils was deeply saddened by seeing a homeless person in Reading, they are donating all of the money to the homeless charity ‘Launchpad’. Whilst learning about biodiversity and self-sufficiency, these children are also directly helping those in need.

Using our new LED Horticultural Grow Lights in order to help enhance plant growth, the Florence modules are perfect for use with or without supplemental lighting. There are eight standard recipes all chosen by LED industry experts OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. Each LED light recipe is designed to suit particular plants types and stages of growth in order to provide the best solutions for each individual application. 

Florence Grow Lights are soon to be available through RS Components. These are also currently available as fully customisable solutions from Intelligent Horticultural Solutions (IHS).


IHS has a full range of customisable PYO (pick your own) LED lighting products so that growers can develop their own LED recipes specific to their application. IHS also have controllers available to make this easier to do.

IHS is a part of the global OSRAM Lighting network LED Light for You (LLFY) and draws on world-leading quality LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors which combines them with other quality components, materials and services to provide the LED solution you want.

For more information on the Florence Ready to Grow Horticultural range, Click here!

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ILS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established and respected industry leading display and opto-electronics solutions provider. IGS’ provides semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. All the senior staff have been involved with the opto-electronics industry for at least 20 years and are dedicated to ensuring that ILS is an innovative and highly successful operation.
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