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Student Innovation - Bicycle wireless indicators

A wireless bicycle indicator system designed for a university research project looking at ways to reduce cyclist fatalities on roads.

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Every year there are thousands of cyclist fatalities on EU roads (1), with hundreds killed in the UK alone. In 2016 there were 18,477 cyclists injured in the UK, with 102 of these being fatalities. Whilst cyclists make up around 6% of all road user fatalities they are 15 times more likely, per mile travelled, to be in a fatal accident than a car driver.

I wanted to look into different ways that one might be able to reduce the number of bicycle accidents. After reading numerous accademic papers it was discovered that one of the leading causes of fatal road accidents was due to lack of communication. To research this further I created a wireless bicycle indicator system to be used on all bicycle models. 


I am a design engineer who loves to tinker and build new devices. Whilst studying at university I developed a love for consumer electronic devices as well as mechanical devices. For more about me please visit