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Bengaluru Calling - India's Silicon Valley

India is transforming the face of global IT and engineering. At the head of this transformation is Bengaluru or formerly known as Bangalore.

A significant amount of investment by government has been provided to Bengaluru in this sector. However, what is fuelling Bengaluru Electronic City now is the people and industry. Second only to Silicon Valley in the United States – for now.

RS Components is already part of this huge movement! RS is looking at both the people and industry to grow market share and awareness with the next generation of customers.

Recently, RS Components inaugurated its latest Electronic centre in the heart of Bengaluru Electronic Hub. The centre aims to provide electronic engineers, i.e. professionals, academics, students and hobbyist, with free technical skills and activities. These activities include the newest industry trends and emerging technologies with practical and hands-on:

  • Technical training and seminars;
  • Webinars;
  • Technology workshops;
  • Industry Expert Talks;
  • Networking Meet ups.

The RS Electronics Centre has a strong focus on teaching the necessary software design skills in the form of DesignSpark PCB, DesignSpark Mechanical and DesignSpark Electrical.

Visit the website and book your place by clicking on the link: 

To promote RS Components, DesignSpark and the Electronic centre in Bengaluru, RS Components also participated in India’s largest electronic expo – Electronics For You (EFY) 2017.

Over a 1,000 people attended the RS stand with product demonstrations taking the limelight. These demos included the Robotic Arm, 3D printer and the Raspberry Pi. The team were on hand to answer any questions and queries regarding the product demonstrations, DesignSpark software tools and provide technical support. All in a day’s work for team RS India! 

Take a look for yourself and register your place Electronic Centre and see how RS Components and DesignSpark can help you learn, innovate and network. 

Focused on providing the next generation of engineers with the tools, skills and resources to express innovative ideas and love what they do.

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April 18, 2017 13:11

book your place for technical activities by clicking on the link-

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