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Beginner's first-hand review on DesignSpark Electrical

So far, I can only provide a little insight about what I have learnt from using DesignSpark Electrical. Previously, I have been using AutoCad.  What I discovered about these two peices of software is that they are very similar, however, I found DesignSpark Electrical easier to use. In particular, the libraries are better and it's easier to find what you need for your drawing.

In other CAD software, when it comes to drawing line or power cables, I could only draw line by line, then either array or copy and paste each line. If I wanted to indicate the line according to their phase, I would have to change the colour of each line one by one. In DesignSpark Electrical, there’s an option of drawing multiple line at a go is much simpler and less time consuming as I can select the number of phase I want just by choosing the type and check or uncheck the boxes to select and deselect the wires I could set the space between each wire and so on. I’m impressed by the fact that it allows me to continue drawing from any phase I want.

The software also provide many objects in the library.  The symbols are categorized under the respective classification, so I just had to find them from the library and paste in the object I needed. It’s also great to see a window by the side showing the types of symbols in the specific classification.

When it comes to assigning components to the schematic, there’s also a list of manufacturers whose parts could be selected. It’s even possible to get the pricing for teh components.  I think this is a really convenient feature, as it makes sourcing the componets within the software make its easier once your drawing is done. Marvellous!

Tutorial wise, I think it would be useful to have a compiled version of the video tutorial that can be downloaded online.  I think this would be better for switching between the tutorial and drawing.

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3 Nov 2016, 13:35


February 16, 2019 14:05

olá como eu faço para importar peças DWG e informação do componente?

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