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Badass Engineers S2 E3! Muna Hussaini!

Badass Engineers Season 2 Episode 3!

Muna Hussaini
Tech executive, formerly at Paypal, IBM, and eBay//Muslim mum//accidental community activist

Muna talks about her experiences in the tech sector as a proud hijabi Muslim, and how appreciating her own time and skill has led to an amazing career!

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About the series

Hi! I’m Shrouk El-Attar and I host BADASS ENGINEERS!

The world has a very specific view of what an engineer looks like and what an engineer does. But, y’all, the engineers I know are nothing like that!

In this 12 part series, I introduce you to some BADASS ENGINEERS in my community, and best of all, they answer YOUR questions!


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Hello! My name is Shrouk El-Attar and I’m an Engineer, Belly Dancer, Refugee! I’m the Lead Electronics Engineering Consultant at Shrouk El-Attar Consultancy and my pronouns are She & They
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