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Automate window blinds

Good morning
I am looking for a motor to wind up/down my vertical window blinds. The blinds are 2m x 2m and I am unsure what size motor I would need. I would like somehow to press a button and the blind goes up or down.
Many thanks
Steve Hayes
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July 24, 2018 09:55

If you do build this, please create a project showing how you did it and the products you used.

July 24, 2018 09:54

If you know the weight of the curtains and the diameter of the roller then you can calculate the torque required by the motor.

Then you need to look at what power supply you have and the type of control you require i.e. do you want to have a switch with limit switches so that you can press the button to raise or lower but if the blind hits the limit then it will automatically stop in which case you will have 4 inputs. Alternatively, you may just want a switch to go up and one to go down so with a dc motor you could just wire it to switch polarity and not bother with the limits.

Personally I'd include the limits as this is less likely that it will damage anything.

July 27, 2018 09:19

@davecole Many thanks Dave, I will check it out and report back when/if successful

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