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The journey so far hasn't been smooth for us, and we faced a few major obstacles, namely the lack of sponsors interested in funding the build of our car. So, we haven't been able to assemble our car as of now. However, the chassis manufacturing has been completed. Regarding FSUK we shifted to concept class once we realized that we had run out of time to secure funds for the year. But, due to the declining Covid-19 situation in Bangladesh right around the competition dates, our visas weren’t granted and for that, we had to withdraw from the tournament. The only online segment of the tournament was the lap time simulation event where we stood 11th among the 34 teams that participated.

We were informed about the arrival of our package on 15th July 2022. For bureaucratic reasons beyond our understanding, the components were subjected to a tax of about 700 GBP which exceeded the cost of the materials themselves. Ultimately, we were able to use certain customs regulations which brought the tax down to around 400 GBP and we received the package on July 21, 2022. As a result, it hasn’t been possible to use these components in upgrades yet.

Up to this point, it has only been bad news, but we are not giving up on our dream. We have registered for Formula Bharat and have secured a few sponsorships which have allowed us to start exporting more necessary parts for the car. The steering system is being assembled currently and other sub-teams are also working tirelessly to build this car. A few pictures of the chassis have been given below. To RS Grassroots and DesignSpark we would like to thank you for all the support on your end. We are sorry for not having a working car on display yet, but we are not giving up on this project; not yet. We look forward to bringing you further updates and the way we put your components to use once we have assembled the car. Thank you for being with us.

Automaestro FS Team chassisAutomaestro FS Team chassis

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