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Authentication Problem DesignSpark Mechanical 6.0



DesignSpark Mechanical is a cool software, when it works. I just want to learn, creating with CAD. Your software is my choice, because it is not so overloaded as Fusion360 or other ones. That is nice.

I can start the software, but the authentication seems to be the problem. Every time a window apears with: During the registration an error accured in DesignSpark Mechanical. Now the best, two buttons, one for Yes and one for No. But for what?

Pressing Yes: now i can authorise my account, for an authentication-loop. 

Pressing No: nothing happend.

The faq-site with the help about Internetconnections is a joke, nothing helps and it is to short.

I tried to reach the following licence or authentication site:


Both are reachable over a browser, but not in the backround with the software. What is the problem?

I need your help, i just want to use the software, i want to design things, i don´t want to have trouble with the software. My 3D-printer is waiting for files, so please help me.

Kind regard



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