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Asset management and theft prevention with RFID cable ties

Hellermann Tyton has developed a range of nylon and metal identification cable ties with RFID tag to enable users to easily fix the RFID tag to equipment that needs to carry a serial number for tracking and identification purposes.

There are currently three options available with more configurations currently in development. Each variant comes fitted with the appropriate RFID transponder. 

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What is RFID?

Data relating to an item is stored on a RFID tag attached to an item, in this case a cable tie. Similar to a bar code the tag is a data carrier, it carries data programmed into a small computer chip and operates at a wide range of frequencies.

Applications include:

  • Theft prevention
  • Keg and gas cylinder tracking
  • Asset management
  • Attendance verifizcation
  • Security tagging
  • Leak detection
  • Essential maintenance
  • Baggage tagging

Benefits of RFID:

  • Elimination of clerical errors in recording data
  • Faster data collection
  • Reduction in labour
  • Reduction in paperwork required
  • Ability to hold more data than barcodes
  • Eliminated paper based inspections/reporting
  • Manage equipment inspections, maintenance work etc
  • Comply with legislation
  • Generate equipment reports
  • Control your stores management
  • Increase reporting and inspections accuracy
  • Share up to date information

Advantages of RFI over other ID technologies:

  • Reliable operation in harsh environments (i.e. wet, dusty, dirty conditions; corrosive environments, vibration and shock)
  • No need for contact or line-of-sight
  • Freedom from line-of-sight constraints (transponders can be read irrespective of orientation and through virtually any material, including flush mounted in or surface mounted on metals)
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