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Ask the Expert - The Importance of UPSes with APC by Schneider

The European energy crisis has raised important points about power uncertainty and the significant impact of energy shortages.

In this Ask the Expert we sat down with Marie-Louise Sharpe from APC by Schneider Electric, to take a look at the importance of UPSes and particularly in the face of the European energy crisis as winter takes hold. We asked Marie-Louise about the impacts of power uncertainty and cuts on both homes and businesses, the costs of power cuts which could be above a staggering €740,000 for an average data centre outage, and what can be done to help ensure power security.

Marie-Louise also filled us in about the different types of UPS available, including offline, line interactive and online units, plus the benefits of each. We also looked at battery types and how to select an adequate UPS with just five simple questions.

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