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Ask the Expert - SiC and the Electrification of Everything

SiC has a number of advantages over silicon and it's these advantages that are seeing SiC power devices being used more extensively within various applications. The surge in EVs and EV charging is only part of the story of how SiC has grown. For example, smart grids, motor control, power supplies, inverters, and even data centres are in the mix of beneficiaries. Benefiting from things like environmental efficiencies due to lower energy losses in switching plus being able to withstand higher voltages and being able to operate at higher frequencies. Joining us to discuss SiC and explain their approach in helping customers make the switch to SiC, with, "ease, speed, and confidence" is Microchip.

Our Expert today is Marc Rommerswenkel.

Marc Rommerswenkel

Marc Rommerswinkel is the European Business Development Manager of SiC Power Solutions for the Discrete Power Management (DPM) business unit at Microchip Technology. In his current role, Marc is supporting Microchips Silicon Carbide (SiC) Business in Europe in various markets and applications.

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