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Ask the Expert - Motor Starting Methods with Siemens

Selecting the right starting method can be tricky as you need to consider a whole host of variables, also there is a trade-off between performance and cost. It's not true to say that the low-cost option will save money, as this could introduce more stress and strain on your system, which over time will incur higher maintenance and energy costs.

One way to mitigate against this is by choosing the correct solution, to begin with, but where do you start and what decisions need to be made? These are the questions we put to Chris Ward from Siemens and we were soon to discover just how simple Siemens has made the selection process with their automated decision guide.

Electronic motors currently make up 67% of all energy consumption within industrial processes. Choosing the correct motor starting method for your application can deliver a more energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. Join us in the video below and see this in action for yourself.

Siemens offer an extensive range of motor starting products at RS, see your local RS for more details.

Try the Siemens motor starting decision guide for yourself, simply click the banner below

Siemens - Find the solution - start the tool

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