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Ask the Expert - Microcontrollers for Secure, Connected and Intelligent IoT

The Renesas RA Family of Arm® Cortex®-M based MCUs are delivering embedded security and ultra-low power operation to users the world over. Customers are benefiting from being able to call upon a broad depth of RA products and evaluation kits. These together with the utilization of Renesas's partner ecosystem and software packages allow for rapid, safe, and secure IoT deployments pushing the smart factory of Industry 4.0 forward.

In this Ask the Expert we take a closer look at the Renesas RA family to discover how and why RA is contributing to the IoT landscape. 

Markus Vomfelde Renesas

Our guest expert today was Markus Vomfelde.

Markus is the Director of MCU Business Development IoT and Infrastructure at Renesas 

For more on Renesas, please click the links below. Also check the featured products below, more at RS.

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