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Ask the Expert - IO-Link and Smart Sensors with Rockwell Automation

Industrial leaders Rockwell Automation provide product solutions to engineers the world over. In this DesignSpark Ask the Expert interview we are joined by Rockwell's Udo Fueger to find out more about industrial communication and how smart sensors and IO-Link devices play a key part in delivering a successful Industry 4.0 strategy. We explore how to keep operations running efficiently, whilst providing the key process and diagnostic data that modern connected industrial plants require.



1) IO-Link is the communication method used to connect Smart Sensors and devices to the control environments, but can you explain how this works how does the communication flow between a sensor/device and the PLC for example. Answer

2) What benefits does IO-Link offer over older analogue style information and data exchange methods? Answer

3) Would you agree that IO-Link/smart devices will become the dominant method of extracting data (process and diagnostic) from sensors and actuators, or are we already there yet? Answer

4) How do IO-Link and smart devices reduce the cost to plant/factory infrastructure and installation? Answer

5) If someone was to start a new project what would you say to convince them to include IO-Link/smart devices? Answer

6) How easy is it to connect and configure IO-Link sensors into Rockwell’s Logix platform and Studio5000 Designer? Answer

7) What are typical use cases to use IO-Link sensors in a machine? Answer

8) What kind of devices does Rockwell Automation offer with IO-Link technology? Answer


RS will be adding more IO-Link products from Rockwell Automation very soon, check back regularly for more details.

You can visit the following Rockwell Automation links for more information on areas discussed during our interview.

Rockwell Automation Studio 5000.

Rockwell Automation Logix Echo Emulation software.

Discover more from Rockwell on IO-Link and Digital Transformation here.

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