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Ask the Expert - Functional Safety with Phoenix Contact

Functional safety looks at the overall safety of machinery or sub-systems of equipment to ensure that fail-safe operation occurs in response to failure conditions, including machinery functioning outside of safe operating parameters.

In this Ask the Expert we caught up with Noah Greene from Phoenix Contact to give us an introduction to Functional Safety. We ask if the demand for function safety equipment is being influenced by the rise of smart factories and data-led monitoring? Noah also shares his thoughts on the three key considerations for functional safety and how the Phoenix Contact PSRmodular products and software offer users an ideal system for incorporating functional safety into their applications

Noah Greene

Noah was recruited onto the Phoenix Contact apprentice technician programme in 2016. He received on the job training in Mechatronics as part of a 4-year program, which incorporated the study of automation and control, machine safety and test and measurement. Gaining an understanding of safety from the perspective of both an operator and technician, Noah uses this experience in his current role as a Product Marketing Specialist at Phoenix Contact.

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