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Ask the Expert - Energy Management with Siemens

Lower energy costs are at the top of everyone's agenda, whether in industry, commercial builds, or at home, energy costs are being considered. At home it's simple, we can turn off a light, unplug a few appliances and make use of basic smart apps. However, in industry, machines need to run in order to turn a profit, so energy management here is very different from that found in our home life.

It's not just a case of turning things off. Monitoring the machine whilst in use can show and provide useful data, data that can represent significant meaning to the plant operator. Siemens are expert in offering energy monitoring products and energy management tools. When used together these can provide facilities with the data needed to make informed decisions. With this data, you can recognise where energy costs can be made, and identify potential issues with faulty machinery that may be adding to your cost. 

If you'd like to learn more about Siemens SIMATIC Energy Management Software click here.

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