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Ask the Expert - Data Science and Air Quality Monitoring

Scientists use environmental data to paint a picture of how our world is changing. Data gives us a solid background to highlight where improvements can be made and habits that need to change. When it to comes to the climate we hear about data modelling, showing past, current and modelling future events. This data allows us to identify problems and the causation of the problem and if left unchecked the problems we are storing up for ourselves and future generations.

Air quality is an issue that all of us can testify to, many of you will have encountered occasions where your immediate area becomes compromised, the solution is to move or if indoors open windows and vents. However, most of the time we have no idea about the condition of the air we are breathing. Using sensors for data collection helps us to understand our environment, we can then recommend actions and improvements and share data to highlight issues and hopefully influence those who can bring about change.

To understand more we spoke with Jodie Barnsley a Data Scientist who did exactly that and asked what advice and experiences she can share with others.

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Air quality is something we should all care about, here is a short film to spread the word.

Air quality monitoring

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