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In this special edition of Ask the Expert, DesignSpark caught up with IBM to discuss 5G, the technology that everybody has been talking about. 

Robert Huntley on behalf of DesignSpark put our community's questions to IBM's Mikael Edholm.

Mikael Edholm

Mikael is the Global Business Development Executive within IBM’s Electronics Industry organization. Mikael has more than 30 years of experience within the global electronics industry and currently has a focus towards Network Equipment Providers. He has been working extensively with leading technology companies on all continents while living in the US, in Europe, in Asia and in Africa. Mikael is also a member of the IBM Industry Academy, currently focusing on the cross-industry impact of 5G, Edge and Cloud computing.

Ask the expert is your chance to put questions to industry influencers and experts within specific technology fields. In the next edition, we are talking about MEM's Sensors and Predictive Maintenance with STMicroelectronics. 

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