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16 Apr 2018, 15:24

Are you smart enough to be in the doghouse?

Picture the scene, you're out walking Fido, Rex, Patch, Butch, or whatever you've called your four-legged friend. Suddenly there is an urge for retail therapy (more commonly known as shopping, folks) or even grabbing a spot of dinner at a nice restaurant.

So here is the conundrum what do we do with Poppet (name of my Great Dane). 

Well, it seems there is a solution to my problem, the Smart Doghouse people. This little kennel from kennel (home from home, see what I did there) is ideal for placing Poppet in on short-term basis, thus allowing said shopping or feasting to begin. No longer would I need to tie him to a park bench, lamp post or tree, Poppet usually demolishes these in seconds, (he's a big dog right enough). Using the smartphone app we could be booking him into this temp accommodation in no time at all, safe in the knowledge that he will be secure, comfortable and contained in a monitored environment.

Walking around Brooklyn, New York you can see these little Doghouses popping up outside stores and restaurants alike, offering the wearily wilted dog walker solitude for a brief period of respite. (So tempting to insert rest bite here).

We found out about this interesting solution via a case study posted by Sannah Vinding on the site of VCC, who are a leading supplier of illuminated electronic components ( Attached is their case study in its entirety.

For more on VCC click or search VCC on the RS site.


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16 Apr 2018, 15:24