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Are you green and safety conscientious?


A timely reminder.....

At this time of year fire prevention adverts appear reminding us to replace our smoke detector batteries.

But a friend had this horrendous experience. As last year was coming to an end it was time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors around the home. The batteries were replaced and the old ones put into recycling box as usual, then time for a cup of tea which they sat down to enjoy..... ALARMS, SMOKE!

The plastic recycling box was on fire!

The box was melting and flames were reaching up to towels above.

Fortunately the fire was easily extinguished, the 6LR61 9V battery had clearly shorted out on another battery and started the fire!
Thankfully they hadn't gone out or to bed after changing the battery

If you have non-technical friends or family who do not put a piece of tape over the battery terminals, pass on the message and keep them safe.

Remember to also store them safely in their packaging or with the insulated contact caps in place.

And... to be even greener reuse old smoke detector batteries in other appliances as there can be a lot of energy remaining!

A keen electronics design engineer with experience in many areas, Spent 30 years in a science environment providing technology solutions to enable scientists to optimally perform their work. Has involved every type of component I can think of! From fempto amps, 5kV supplies, Liquid Nitrogen cooled PIN diodes and CCD's, micro power components for portable applications and class 4 argon lasers. Looking back I was privileged to be a paid 'hacker' with interesting projects to design.

22 Nov 2015, 14:27