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Arduino Line Tracking Robot Car Prototype

A line tracking robot car was built by using the two circuits mentioned in the previous knowledge items:

You can find the details for those circuit:

Motor drive circuit:

Light reflective circuit:

Bills of Materials:

General Purpose Board

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Photodiode (RS stock number: 654-8902)
Nichia LED (RS stock number: 713-3996)
RS 10k Ohm resistor (RS stock number: 707-8906)
RS 470 Ohm resistor (RS stock number: 707-8851)
RS 100 ohm Resistor (RS stock number: 707-8142)
Fairchild Semiconductor PN2222ATA Transistor(RS stock number: 739-0381)
Fairchild Semiconductor 1N4004 Diode(RS stock number: 759-6678)
Nichion 47uF Capacitor(RS Stock Number:475-9425)
Muraia 0.1uF Capacitor(RS Stock Number:653-0119)
Arduino Leonardo (RS stock number: 713-3996)

For the circuit of the robot car, four sets of light reflective sensors and two sets of motor drive circuit were used. General purpose bard was used to build the whole circuit in this prototype to proof the design works. The next step is to implement the circuit by using PCB. Also, we found that the motor is too fast and sometimes the torque is not enough to push the car forward. Therefore, we arfe going to change the motor to geared motor.

        The car chassis have two layers, the bottom layer was used to place the sensors, which was placed at the front, as well as the motors and 9V cell. For the upper layer, it was used to place the Leonardo Arduino board.

Car chassis:


Demo video:

See our final product:

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