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Home Automation Project (Part 2)

This is a re-creation of the original article by Brian8817

Hi everyone, last time I have introduced how to setup the WiFi-Shield with updating the firmware of the WiFi-Shield and using the Arduino 1.0.2 software to communicate with the WiFi-Shield. (Click here with a quick look of the Arduino WiFi-Shield setup).

This time, I will try to introduce how to setup a servo motor with the Arduino boards.

So, what is a servo motor? Servo motor is a rotary actuator that allows for precise control of angular position, velocity and acceleration. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a relatively sophisticated controller, often a dedicated module designed specifically for use with servomotors. For this characteristic, we will try to use a servo motor to be the door controller. It can be automatically open and close with the corresponding setup. For example, we can setup the servo motor with a IR-sensor, when the IR-sensor detect people (body temperature), the sensor will send out a signal and the motor will rotate 90 degrees, then the door will become "Open" Stages. When people walked away and the IR-sensor cannot detect any people(no body temperature detected), then the IR-sensor will send another signal to the motor through the Arduino board and the motor will rotate back to 0 degree "Close" stage.  

This is a Servo Motor.

With the correct connection with the Arduino board and the program, we can control the servo motor after connected with the Arduino Program. For our home automation project, we will try to use the servo motor to control the door open and close. And here is a picture that can see the connection of our motor and the Arduino board:


We use the Arduino Mega 2560 board for the testing the servo motor and other connection of the components.

With using the default program in the Arduino Software, and we control the rotation degree of the motor.

It is convenience that  using the servo motor to control motivation of doors/curtain of the house. With using the correct program and the sensors then the system can control and rotate the curtain or open and close the door automatically.

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5 Jan 2017, 16:12