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Arduino and Win

My top 3 of the mentioned projects:

5) What to do in an hour
This project shows how easy it is to start with programming and electronics. It also shows how quick a project can be made with little knowledge of electronics. Thanks for this project, I will send it to my young nephew.

1) Mirror mirror
I’ve made an infinity mirror by myself. They are awesome.

3) MQTT powered display
I just learned about MQTT, it’s an easy way to communicate with different devices (I used a Mobile and Raspberry). There are some nice tutorials online to use this service.


My favourite single board computer is the Arduino MKR1000. This small board is ideal to test and prototype. It has wifi and can use all the thousands of Arduino projects and sample codes. It has all the connectivity options (I2C, UART, ..)  and plenty of pins. A pro of this board in comparison to the Arduino Uno/101 is that this board can easily be used on a breadboard for easy and quick projects.
The Arduino 101 is also a really nice board, with Bluetooth Low Energy built in and an accelerometer/gyroscope. I only had some initial problems with it (a faulty bootloader, and hours of debugging this board before I could use it). 

I used the Arduino MKR1000 in the included image. Here I use the Arduino to control some Neopixel LEDs based on the input of the Walabot (a 3D imaging sensor based on RF).

Test Engineer. Love to play with embedded hardware and software.

3 Jul 2018, 8:18