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29 Nov 2018, 12:17

Arbitrary function generators – just got measurably better value

Technology continues to advance and so does the latest series of arbitrary function generators from Aim-TTi, with the introduction of the TGF4000 series.

In a previous article, I mentioned that your results are only as good as the test signal and that’s why if you’re designing, testing or troubleshooting you should take a look at the TGF4000 series as it offers a class-leading performance.

There are many different applications for a signal generator, but most circuits will require some form of input signal, where the amplitude varies over time, so the signal generator is the ideal tool to provide an “Ideal” waveform to simulate the inputs to the circuit by providing a known repeatable signal, this allows thorough testing to be carried out in a controlled manner/sequence. With this generator, the signal itself can be a something simple like a sine-wave or complex waveform (created by the software provided), Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence (PRBS) or wideband Gaussian noise generator used as a carrier waveform and as a modulating waveform  

So what makes the new TGF4000 series even better than the last?

  • Four models are available with frequency capability of 40MHz, 80MHz, 160MHz and 240MHz, so a new lower frequency entry model for a cost-effective solution along with a higher frequency model where that additional extended capability is needed.
  • 4.3-inch high-resolution colour screen provides clarity and ease of viewing when carrying out complex testing along with specifically colour coded channels, which provides instant recognition of the output selected when altering and updating the settings.
  • Square wave output is now up to 100MHz, with variable duty cycle and edge speeds down to 3ns
  • High pulse width resolution of 100ps over a period range from 10ns to 1000s.
  • Built-in Waveforms – a large number of standard and pre-built arbitrary waveforms are built into the generator with high sampling rates which allow for higher repetition rates than other generators.
  • Custom arbitrary waveforms – 16-bit vertical resolution and up to 8192 points, where basic waveforms can be created directly on the generator or more complex through the supplied software, these waveforms can be stored and uploaded via USB.
  • Frequency Counter – with a range from 0.1Hz to 125MHz with a resolution of up to seven digits.


The Aim-TTi TGF4000 Arbitrary Function Generators are measurably better value and the range includes:

  • TGF4042 40MHz                  (181-3540)
  • TGF4082 80MHz                  (181-3541)
  • TGF4162 160MHz                (181-3542)
  • TGF4242 240MHz                (181-3543)

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29 Nov 2018, 12:17