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Application example - remotely control IGUS RobolinkD with Groov software

Here we are with a new application story. This time we have used our IGUS RobolinkD for an example application of remote monitoring and control.


In our previous applications we created an open source motion control system and then used the fully operated model in a factory crash test

In both the previous applications we set up and used the IGUS RobolinkD directly, by loading the operating Arduino sketch and letting it work according to the programmed commands and events.

Now we take a step forward by developing a simple application for remote monitoring and control of our RobolinkD.


To do that we have used the Groov software, a browser-based software that can be used to build mobile operator interfaces. Groov, the IIoT system from OPTO 22, is able to communicate with almost every existing PLC with an Ethernet port


As you remember, the motion control system we developed for the IGUS RobolinkD is based on Industrial Shields PLC, an open source Arduino compatible PLC. This PLC has an Ethernet port directly on board and so it is able to be interfaced with Groov.

For this application we used the Groov software (you can even try a fully functional demo version for free Thanks to the easy to use drag and drop interface, it was quick to build up the web control panel to monitor and interact with the IGUS RobolinkD.


Groov is a very powerful tool and if you are interested in discovering all the other features, have a look at these other applications developed with Groov.

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8 Feb 2017, 8:45


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