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24 Feb 2020, 10:08

An Audience With... The DesignSpark Podcast Series 3

Comedy is back on the curriculum with the return of the iTunes top-10 Podcast that embraces the silly side of science!

Professor Lucy Rogers Bec Hill and Harriet Braine are back for Series 3 of The DesignSpark Podcast – a madcap, melodic romp through the world of tech and engineering.

Series 3 of The DesignSpark Podcast is being recorded in front of a live audience at Etcetera Theatre in Camden, London on March 26, April 2 and April 3, with a limited number of tickets on sale now.

This series, Lucy has been tasked with educating her curious co-hosts on topics including quantum computing, space tourism, and biometrics as they attempt to master the mysteries of modern tech.

But she’ll have her work cut out on the evidence of the previous two series of the 5-star rated show, which featured Bec becoming an ‘ass-tronaut’ and trying to buy a bubble house, while Braine’s idea of achieving the status of a great scientific mind involved impersonating Josiah Wedgwood by singing a pop song in a Staffordshire accent.

Lucy was a judge on Series 8-10 of the cult BBC show Robot Wars and has also appeared on Radio 2’s Josh Widdicombe Will Make Your Life Better. She is a chartered engineer, author and self-styled “inventor with a sense of fun”, who claims to have a Ph.D. in bubbles (she does!) and a soft spot for Raspberry Pi and ice cream.

Harriet made her name in musical comedy with her award-winning Total Eclipse of the Art solo show and her recent Edinburgh Fringe outing, Les Admirables, which celebrates the history of women in science.  

Bec, best known for her viral flipchart videos, appeared on Jonathan Ross’s Christmas Special on ITV in December. Often noted for her ‘nerdiness’, she also dabbles in the field of science in her recent live show, I’ll Be Bec, which was filmed using virtual reality technology.


What listeners are saying…

"Refreshingly funny"

"Should be on the national curriculum. Or is that anti-curriculum?"

"Informed, opinionated and hilarious!"

Listen to series 1 and 2 now on iTunes, Spotify or Podbean, or go to DesignSpark's Podcast Hub for all the episodes plus articles and bonus content!


DesignSpark Community Manager and all-around geek girl.

24 Feb 2020, 10:08


February 25, 2020 10:03

If you like The DesignSpark Podcast don't forget that you can also listen to Series 1 of The Engineering Edge with Professor Lucy Rogers on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify and YouTube.