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Aluminum Electrolytic vs. Aluminum Polymer Capacitor and how its benefits are used properly

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December 11, 2017 16:33

Nice article, thanks for explaining the difference between aluminum electrolytic and aluminum polymer capacitors. It's difficult to tell, but given the two layer board design, is the second layer a solid ground return plane?

Thanks, Ken

January 5, 2018 16:36

@Ken Wyatt Thanks for you very much for your comment and apologies for the long wait. The second layer (bottom layer) is a solid ground plane with poor connection to the top ground layer. The connection goes simply through the thermal pads of the IC and at the input and output connector ground pins. This results in galvanic coupling. The layout also created a loop antenna as between Cin and Cout ground there is too much of a distance. This design layout can definitely be improved, but in the end it generated the wanted conducted emission. This way we could show the behavior of the different capacitors and filters a bit clearer than having a nice, clean layout. Any questions or improvements are more than welcomed! Best regards Simon

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