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Alternative connectors for RS 896-0852


Hello guys

I would like abit of help with a harness/connector problem.

The harness is quite old and is part of a test rig in the workshop where I work. Basically parts are regularly taken off and questionable items are fitted to test them out! All this wear and tear is taking its toll on a particular connector that is part of a PCB.

The Connector housing is RS 896-0852 and its relevent crimp is RS 896-0837.

My company has 'alot' of Crimping tools sadly not the one required to crimp the above item. Plus they wont fork out the cash to buy the necessary tool for what is pretty much an obselete system!

So my question is there other crimps that I can use with the above housing (RS 896-0852) that I can use. Just hoping we may have the relevant crimp tool, if there is an alternative.

Many thanks in advance

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