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Learn the principle of humidity sensors

MEMS process technology was applied to create the industry's smallest and thinnest sensor. Optimized internal materials allow measurement even in 100% RH and offer a detection accuracy of ±5%. Furthermore, a thermistor is not required for temperature compensation, offering advantages such as simpler peripheral circuits and surface mounting compatibility. Here we introduce the sensing principles and features of Alps Alpine's humidity sensors.

Principles of Alps Alpine Humidity Sensors

Features of Alps Alpine Humidity Sensors

Industry-Smallest (Alps Alpine research, December 2019)

Developing and manufacturing in-house, Alps Alpine has realized the industry's smallest humidity sensors using its own semiconductor processes to form thin-film capacitors like the above on silicon wafers.

Example: HSHCAL001B

High Linearity

Compared to other types of humidity sensor, Alps Alpine's humidity sensors deliver high linearity of output.


A Wide Variety of Applications

A humidity sensor's function is naturally to measure a level of humidity, but humidity sensors are also used to detect ingress of moisture.


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