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Aligning two components


I have a couple of questions about alignment in general. I made a cylinder and then a square on a plane that was centered within the flat round end of the cylinder. I moved it away from the cylinder and extruded it to 1/2". I have noticed sometimes when I move the object like the square away from the plane or other object I can only move it up and down or left and right as opposed to straight out away from the plane. So then after I move it and extrude it I can then move it in all 3 axis. That brings me to my alignment question. I did watch a very good video made by Jim Taylor on the move tool but that got me thinking. Is there a preferred way to start your sketch where you will have an easier time of keeping all the objects on center for ease of alignment later? Just making sure I don't develop a bad habit in the start of a sketch that carries on through and makes things more difficult.


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