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Adrian Bowyer/RepRap and TVRRUG at OSHUG #29 (video)


On 2nd October OSHUG and the BCS Open Source Specialist Group (OSSG) held their first joint event, with talks on RepRap and the Thames Valley RepRap User Group (TVRRUG).

Adrian Bowyer, the creator of the RepRap self-replicating 3D printer, is someone who we had longed hoped to have present at an OSHUG meeting one day. Thanks to the OSSG Chair, Cornelia Boldyreff, having previously worked with Adrian, arranging for him to speak and suggesting we hold a joint meeting, this finally became a reality.

As one might expect, Adrian did not disappoint, and over the course of just short of an hour he took us on a journey that started with the motivations and opportunity presented by a self-replicating 3D printer, through the implementation details and challenges, and spending some time exploring the place of biomimetics — how RepRap mimics systems and behaviours in nature.



Alan Wood of Thames Valley RepRap User Group has presented at many an OSHUG meeting, and his talk on the practical experiences of organising RepRap group builds and developing printer enhancements, complemented Adrian's talk very well.

Definitely recommending viewing if you're thinking about building a RepRap, or better still, setting up a RepRap group or organising a group build.

Andrew Back

Open source (hardware and software!) advocate, Treasurer and Director of the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, organiser of Wuthering Bytes technology festival and founder of the Open Source Hardware User Group.

9 Oct 2013, 10:30


November 5, 2013 13:04

Science Fiction becomes Science Fact...

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