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3 May 2019, 14:46

Adjusting Display Contrast with the IDS Universal Controller

IDS have developed a simple system to enable rapid development of various display types and technologies.

The SD card operated design allows the user to show images, change the contrast and backlight brightness (where applicable) on a slide show basis.
Images are created as bitmaps and loaded onto the SD card, then the dip switches set the time between ‘slides’. The dipswitches also enable the touch feature (where applicable), which brings up a simple drawing screen to show the touch in operation.

IDS make it simple to adjust the contrast on the CI064-4021 and CI064-4073 LCD Displays. Using the IDS-UNIVERSAL-01. controller. It allows you to find the best contrast setting for your display. The contrast is operated by 3 buttons. The video below shows how you can adjust the contrast in this way. 

All relevant boards and multiple display options are available through RS Components.

For more information on how to program the SD card, take a look here: 

Intelligent Display Solutions

01635 294600

IDS is a division of Intelligent Group Solutions Ltd (IGS) a well-established respected industry leading Optoelectronics solutions provider. Much of IGS’ business comes from providing semi-custom or custom products both in component and sub-assembly form. This comes from providing design support and prototyping within the European market place with the capability to deliver production displays to wherever in the world that the customer’s manufacturing or assembly is being undertaken.

3 May 2019, 14:46