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Additive manufacturing on-demand service with RS and Protolabs

Additive manufacturing providers allow engineers and businesses to outsource the production of prototypes and component production runs. This allows for greater efficiencies and can free up valuable time and resources that could be spent elsewhere.

In this interview, we discuss how businesses can benefit from a new partnership that RS has launched with Protolabs, (initially in the UK and Ireland, other markets to follow). We also cover how users can get access to these services and what types of on-demand manufacturing Protolabs have to offer. 


In summary here are a few of the benefits that RS customers can expect from Protolabs. Simply click on the banner link below to find out more.

Benefits of outsourcing rapid prototyping include;

  • A reduction in design time and risks
  • Test multiple designs simultaneously
  • Accelerate speed to market


Benefits of on-demand manufacturing include;

  • Management of demand volatility
  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership
  • Leverage cost-efficient bridge tooling


On demand 3d printing from Protolabs

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