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Add-on modules don't seem to be available to purchase on the RS website any more!


I have started using DS mechanical and would like to buy the add-on modules, but the option to buy them through the RS website have gone.  I asked RS to see if the website is broken, but they suggested the the items may have been discontinued (see response I got below).

Is there some way to buy the add-ons some where else?


Dear Benjamin

Thank you for your enquiry. The page and part number you have are no longer listed on our site so it looks like the item has been discontinued from our range. There is a software help page on the design spark web page for any additional questions or to see if they have replaced the add on modules with any new software. Click here to view design spark help page   We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. "     I asked the following question " Dear Sir/Madame, I am unable to get to the product page for the Designspark Mechanical add-on modules. I get to this page, which comes up with no content. I have tried Firefox and IE on my machine which is running Win8.1 Is there another link to purchasing the add-on bundle for Designspark mechanical? Many thanks Ben "
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