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Activist Engineering on DesignSpark - Learn more


Activist Engineering is a term that is becoming more frequently used these days with regards to climate change, but what is activist engineering and what is an activist engineer? This is a subject that is open to discussion and one we'd like to address by inviting you to one of our drop-in Discord sessions.

Discord dates and times: Access Discord via this link at times below

  1. Friday 7th January 2022: 12-1pm (GMT)
  2. Wednesday 12th January 2022: 5-6pm (GMT)
  3. Friday 21st January 2022: 12-1pm (GMT)
  4. Wednesday 26th January 2022: 5-6pm (GMT)

Climate change is happening and most of us are contributing to it. If you knew the scale of your own individual impact would you change your current practices? Or do you think climate change is something others need to consider, or whether it's only Governments who can legislate for and enact change on a global scale?

Many of us know as we drive our cars that we are impacting the environment, but how about brushing our teeth? Surely not, this twice daily necessity of cleanliness seems on first thoughts to be one of the activities that should have little impact. Well, think again! Our empty toothpaste tubes are a big cause of environmental pollution. Even though most of us think we are been conscientious by placing our empty tubes in the recycle bin, these tubes for the most part are made from non-recyclable materials like multi-layer plastics or crude oil combined with aluminium. Most will end up in landfills or in our oceans, roughly 1.5 Billion per year.


Activist Engineering is something DesignSpark would like to raise awareness on, we are not here to provide answers but to consider how engineers can make a difference.

With your help and feedback, you can help us shape our Activist Engineering manifesto and help to spread the message.

Our first major project will focus on air quality and we are looking for engineers from around the world to join us by becoming part of our Beta Testers group. Taking our free hardware you can create meaningful air quality projects that will be shared on DesignSpark to highlight air quality issues locally to you and hopefully inspire others to take up the mantle of an Activist Engineer. More details will be released in our Air Quality Project Hub. Or follow this article for update notifications.

DesignSpark will be hosting the drop-in Discord sessions on the dates below. We'll present what we feel Activist Engineering is and the role engineers can play in this. We'll explain more about the DesignSpark Air Quality project and how to get involved and also give you the chance to share opinions and discuss how engineering can enact change. So why not join us on either of these sessions.

Discord dates and times:

  1. Friday 7th January 2022: 12-1pm (GMT)
  2. Wednesday 12th January 2022: 5-6pm (GMT)
  3. Friday 21st January 2022: 12-1pm (GMT)
  4. Wednesday 26th January 2022: 5-6pm (GMT)

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December 23, 2021 08:04

I would have to agree with RogerAF on his comment. I believe the term 'Activist' Engineer is wrong. In my experience with activist they tend to have a one path direction in problem solving and alot of the time they have the only solution reguardless of other solutions. I am glad there are many young Engineers who understand the indentification of real problems and open to all consequences a solution creates. I would suggest dropping the Activist description.

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December 21, 2021 08:10

Sorry, I don't think humankind is contributing much to change the planet's climate. We are certainly polluting, but CO2 is plant food and without it we all die--ALL OF US! Plants, critters, sea life, people, we all depend on CO2. It goes up and down and the world goes round and round. I'd join the discord, but I'm afraid I'd cause discord instead of discourse.

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