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Accuride facilitates server maintenance with electronic closure slides

Servers are arguably some of the most important pieces of hardware in modern offices. They allow employees to store, access and share vital documents and information via an internal network, improving efficiency and productivity within the company. There are several ways to store servers, including tower, blade, and rack.

The most space-efficient and flexible server storage is the rack server, which is designed to be positioned in a bay, allowing various devices to be stored on top of one another in a large tower. Several servers can be installed in the same bay, which is where the flexibility of the rack server is made clear; one server each can be installed in the same bay for emails, professional software, storage, and any other applications required by the company.

Rack servers are highly beneficial for maintenances purposes due to the stability they provide and the ease with which cables can be neatly bundled together and kept out of harm’s way. The formation of rack servers prevents the hardware devices from overheating, with airflow managed to maintain a suitable temperature for operation. Rack servers are commonly fitted with wheels, movable shelves, or both, in order to make engineering maintenance easier for technicians.

Having servers that can be moved individually provides a preferable way to access the equipment, which is why the engineers at Accuride have been working on an electronic server slide for 19” server racks: the DZ2807. RS stock number (547-7348).

Accuride understands that electronic unit and server manufacturers want to utilise as much of the rack’s space as possible in their designs, particularly in 1U and 2U servers, which is why the DZ2807 has been designed primarily with these in mind. With a load rating of up to 45kg, these slides can withstand the weight of each server unit, even at 100% full extension. The lock-out feature stabilises the slide at full extension, preventing the rack from being accidentally knocked shut while an engineer or technician is at work, and reduces the risk of damage to the server and its accompanying wires.

As servers become wider to allow for more internal components, the space available for mounting the racks reduces accordingly. Accuride have considered this in their designs and developed the DZ2807 to come with the enclosure mounting brackets already attached. This limits the slide thickness to 9.6mm, ensuring they will fit perfectly without taking up the room required by the additional internal components within the servers.


Suitable for 1U (44.5mm/1.75”) high 19” rack electronic units, servers, keyboard trays, fan trays and 2U (89mm/3.5”) high servers, Accuride have also included a front disconnect feature to the DZ2807. This allows the individual server units to be removed easily in the instance that they need a more complicated procedure to fix an issue.

Accuride is a privately-owned company specialising in the production of high quality telescopic and linear motion slides, guide rails, and brackets. To find out more about them and explore their products, visit their site at

As a truly global company, the team at Accuride is able to use their extensive resources to offer each client an exceptionally broad range of knowledge and expertise. We specialise in the design and manufacture of telescopic ball bearing drawer slides, creating leading products for markets across the globe.

31 Oct 2019, 11:52