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Accessorizing Fans

Fans and blowers are key components to many thermal management systems. Designed to stabilize temperatures and/or cool sensitive electronics, fans and blowers optimize performance and uptime of equipment. However, fan accessories such as filters, alarms, thermal controllers and more, are often overlooked in the design process. Accessories are vital to proper function of fans and blowers, and it is startling that they are not part of the primary fan and blower consideration. From fan guards to fan cords, filter fan kits, airflow monitors, cage nuts, PDUs, and thermal controllers, accessories are an important part of any completed fan or blower thermal solution.

To extend the operating life of vital electronics, the right fan and fan accessories must be specified to provide a suitable thermal management solution. Fan accessories are required to meet a wide range of application demands, from safety to monitoring airflow to filtering to guards that meet harsh environmental condition requirements. In addition to performance considerations, choosing fan accessories that are designed to simplify installation and reduce maintenance time and cost is a priority for purchasing professionals.

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6 Sep 2017, 9:02