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A versatile connector solution for the food and beverage industry

Han® F+B from HARTING is a range of connectors specifically designed for the food processing, bottling and packaging industries. Hygiene and safety are key considerations in these sectors; machinery and equipment must be easy to clean to avoid the build-up of dirt and dangerous bacteria.

The EN 1672-2 standard defines three zones for food production. Zone 1 is the food zone, where components come into direct contact with foodstuffs. Zone 2 is the splash zone, which must be cleaned regularly using high-pressure washing and chemicals to avoid contamination. Anything outside of these two zones is classed as a non-food zone, where the contamination risk is minimal.

The Han® F+B has been designed for use in both the food and splash zones, so all hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated. This ensures the connections are fully protected against water from cleaning jets.

Designed in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), the smooth surfaces allow cleaning and disinfecting agents to flow unhindered and prevent bacteria from accumulating. The range is also Ecolab-approved, meaning it is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and conform fully to the directives of FDA 21.

As well as hygiene and safety concerns, HARTING has also considered the impact of machine downtimes, designing in features which allow production lines to become more adaptable.

Operators do not need to open any cable glands on the control cabinet to decouple field devices, meaning defective components can be replaced faster and equipment can be changed more efficiently. This helps to shorten set-up times and reduce machine stoppages.

As well as standard components, HARTING can also supply hybrid Ethernet, signal, and power-integrated cable assemblies. These assemblies are 100% tested to high-quality standards and are available in customised lengths.

Unsure which Han(R) F+B connector you require, why not try the Harting configurator

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