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The PowerLed LED Matrix is broken down for ease of use into Single Colour & RGB, RGBW LED tapes with dimming and non-dimming functionality. Dependant on the tapes metre length, and wattage per metre that you wish to use. With variants of IP rating dependant on what you require (IP20 or IP65).

Here is and an example of how to use this table:

  1. Down the first column on the left-hand side of the matrix - establish the watts per metre of the tape you wish to use (example single colour 9.6W/M)
  2. Look along the top of the matrix for the total metres to be run from one single driver (example 7M)
  3. The matrix then establishes which driver is required either dimming or non-dimming (UVC24100TD or PCV2475).

Below is a thumbnail of part of the Drivers Matrix, please refer to the attachment for the full pdf of the table including additional lengths and RGB/ RGBW Colour Tapes.

LED Driver Matrix Table

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