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A Fruitful Partnership - almost half a million MODEL children!

One of the key features which makes DesignSpark Mechanical so time efficient and reliable to use is the direct link to the Traceparts Online library of 3D models. Traceparts as a company are famous for, amongst other good things, hosting a huge library of 3D models spanning across a massive range of industry relevant parts.


Using the Online Library button in DesignSpark Mechanical ...


Will take you to this catalogue area....


From where you can browse or search for the parts you need.

This partnership is well established. RS and Traceparts have been working closely together for some years now as Traceparts have been responsible for hosting 3D models for access through the RS Online catalogue. 


In February this year RS exceeded 300,000 3D model downloads through this link. This number has now topped 450,000 and is growing at around 5% per month! Clearly 3D models are forming a crucial part of the design process for more and more businesses.

Over the Summer, a team called Running Snail, sponsored by Traceparts, competed in a Formula Student Challenge at Silverstone, in Northamptonshire, Hockenheim in Germany and ultimately, at the end of August at the CzechRing in Czechoslovakia.

The Formula Student is based on the idea that a company places an order for the construction of a race car prototype for amateur race car drivers. The vehicle has to fulfil certain requirements and therefore the competition is conceived in such a way that all aspects are evaluated, from the design to the cost control and from the marketing to the practical usability. 

Running Snail gained 1st place in the Formula Student Team challenge and were awarded Best Driver for the second year running. As a result they have been automatically entered for the competitions for next year.


Traceparts was formed in 1989 and has gone on to prove itself as a reliable and professional organisation supporting CAD users worldwide with their library service. They are part of the global Trace Software group.

RS Components are proud of the partnership with Traceparts and of all the positive outcomes this generates. Here’s to what the future may hold!

To see the results of sponsorship by RS of the Tokai University Solar Car Race Team click here

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9 Sep 2013, 8:28