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A Closer Look at Parallella

Andrew Back
Open source (hardware and software!) advocate, Treasurer and Director of the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, organiser of Wuthering Bytes technology festival and founder of the Open Source Hardware User Group.


January 17, 2013 17:44

The beta version is due to go out at the end of February and release 1.0 is due in May. At present it's not possible to order the board if you missed out on Kickstarter, but you can reserve one.

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January 17, 2013 10:44

I agree with Romilly. I would like one but not s prototype...I would prefer a tested and proven board so I can experiment
without wondering if any errors are HW or SW.
When is such a version planned??

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This may well be the most exciting development of 2013 - and it's only January!

I've been waiting decades for this. Parallella is ideal for computer vision, neural network simulation and genetic algorithms, enabling world class robotics based on Open Source Hardware.

This is an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to the team.

Thanks for the (usual) clear exposition, Andrew.

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