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18 Mar 2014, 12:30

Now you can afford to measure the future!

From time to time, products emerge which are genuinely unique and offer exciting new opportunities. As a member of the DesignSpark team at RS I can honestly say that in my career spanning over three decades there have been very few of these. The Red Pitaya project is certainly one.


The product is multifunctional, including the off the shelf functionality of an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, waveform generator and frequency analyser. It offers the happy combination of a high specification, precision engineered device yet at a price which is well below what would have previously been paid for traditional Test and Measurement instrumentation with the same capabilities.

More than this though, the Red Pitaya is a programmable device, allowing it to be customised for bespoke applications. An open source Ecosystem approach has been applied to the development aspects of the device such that users will be able to access the “Bazaar” to download the standard software and then create and deposit custom coded apps into the “Backyard” as part of the open source strategy.

The pedigree of the Red Pitaya company is second to none, having emerged from a parent company with a proven background in highly accurate and precise instrumentation for monitoring particle acceleration processes.

The capabilities of the device offer applications in many fields but we see higher education and research as a major area of use, as well as in the more mainstream industrial environments. We at RS are very excited to be in partnership with Red Pitaya and are looking forward to supporting them in their success.

For more information, visit and the DesignSpark Red Pitaya Design Centre

My broad based technology degree equipped me well for a range of roles including project engineering, training, change management and marketing engineer. My career has included a rich variety of experience in industry sectors including food packaging, automotive, robotic vehicles and materials handling. I have taught electronics and product design in schools as well as implementing new technology for students such as laser cutters and 3D printers.

18 Mar 2014, 12:30


May 6, 2014 09:12

Whilst there is some overlap in functionality between the two devices, a comparison of the wider capabilities will illustrate why the Red Pitaya is rated and priced at a higher level. The web capabilities and the open source development approach for bespoke applications are two key areas of differentiation.

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April 18, 2014 15:32

For educational purposes the Analog Discovery Kit provides additional stuff for teaching and is half the price ~ 140€ for students. ... RevB_1.pdf

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