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22 Aug 2014, 6:45

Robot Car Project - City University of Hong Kong

Hi everyone! This is my first blog on DesignSpark. First, let me say something about myself.

I am a student studying Computer Engineering in City University of Hong Kong. Remember when I was a 7 year-old child, I got my first PC in my home. It was a DIY PC, my mother's friend helped us installed it. I was so excited. And I was amazed by the circuit board inside the PC. I wondered how a PC works. I started to investigate different parts of the PC. That really caught my interest. And when I grow up, I chose to study in computer engineering and joined the CityU Robocon team. I learned a lot on robotics and embedded system.

Now, I am going to build a robot car which can perform line tracking. And I am going to share with all of you how I will make it.

First start with the motor drive circuit and light reflective circuit:

This is our first prototype:

See our final product:

This is our DesignShare Project:

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22 Aug 2014, 6:45