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8 Way MIDI Thru/Splitter Box with Protection - available on the DS Marketplace!

Countless years taking things to bits to see how they Fighting the good SEO & content battle at Kempston Controls! Still Number 3 in the XP table - Booooom!


October 10, 2018 15:07

Some of the written elements rise some doubts:
There is no "zero delay / latency". In terms of specification it is always more technical to say 100ns, which is practically zero in MIDI terms, than zero;
If there are optical isolators, then the delay will be clearly measurable. But why use optical isolators in the outputs if the MIDI standards considers that on the receiver side there is an optocoupler? At least it is the only implementation I've ever seen. And an optocoupler on the output side, would add more delay to the one from the input side...
I would like some clarification, please.

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October 12, 2018 08:59

@amonteiro Try contacting the person who actually designed these via the DesignSpark Marketplace messaging system.

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