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2 Oct 2018, 12:28

8 Way MIDI Thru/Splitter Box with Protection - available on the DS Marketplace!

DesignSpark Marketplace is the place to go if you have a creation of your own to sell, whether it’s a Raspberry PI Shield or some gizmo you have created for an Arduino, as long as you designed and created it you can sell it on the DesignSpark Marketplace.

Designed for the musicians out there this 8 Way Midi Thru-Splitter Box has been thoughtfully designed by Sergio Sena, a musician and an electronics engineer, who specialises in the design and construction of custom gear for musicians.

This handy product is an active 8-channel MIDI-THRU Splitter, which converts a 1x MIDI-OUT into 8x MIDI-THRU outputs that are amplified, isolated, and protected.

What does it do?

The 8 way MIDI Thru Splitter device produces outputs that are an exact copy of the input signal, so what goes in is what comes out of each of the MIDI-OUT ports, with absolutely zero delay. It is a MIDI-STAR system that connects MIDI devices in parallel with no latency, avoiding the issues often associated with MIDI-Device 'daisy-chaining'.

With built-in extra protection for live performances, the 8 Way MIDI is protected against supply power surges, over-voltages on the input supply, MIDI input and outputs. It’s able to survive thunderstorms, mains drops & surges by cleverly using its built-in protection systems and filters enabling trouble-free operation at all times.


Advantages of the 8 way MIDI Thru Splitter:

Surge protection on the power supply and the input and output ports so all your devices are protected from damage. Optical isolation of inputs and output ports, so if any connected equipment fails this failure does not compromise other connected devices

  • Zero latency
  • Zero delay
  • Low noise
  • Low power
  • Compact form factor

8 Way MIDI-Thru Specifications:

  • Power requirements:  6VAC-18VAC or 9VDC-24VDC, <100mA (you can use a typical BOSS guitar pedal power supply)
  • Input/Output Sockets: 1x Input 5-pin DIN socket & 8x Outputs 5-pin DIN sockets
  • LED indication: Shows that power is applied and blinks when MIDI data is received
  • Protection against: reverse power connection, power supply overvoltage and surges, MIDI cable inversion/surges and noise

What do you get in the box?

  • The electronic board only and no housing.


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2 Oct 2018, 12:28


October 10, 2018 15:07

Some of the written elements rise some doubts:
There is no "zero delay / latency". In terms of specification it is always more technical to say 100ns, which is practically zero in MIDI terms, than zero;
If there are optical isolators, then the delay will be clearly measurable. But why use optical isolators in the outputs if the MIDI standards considers that on the receiver side there is an optocoupler? At least it is the only implementation I've ever seen. And an optocoupler on the output side, would add more delay to the one from the input side...
I would like some clarification, please.

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October 12, 2018 08:59

@amonteiro Try contacting the person who actually designed these via the DesignSpark Marketplace messaging system.