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7 Reasons why your next project should focus on IoT


If someone asked you 30 years ago that 'what the future would hold? the answer would have been internet. But fast forward that 30 years into the present and the answer transforms to 'Internet of Things'. This is going to be the future of mankind whether you like it or not. The buzz around Internet of things is real and shows that in a not so distant future everything and i mean literally everything would be interlinked to create an ecosystem of things interdependant on each other for crucial working.


Internet of Things is a system of things that work in conjunction with each other. These things are connected to each other through internet and send & recieve data to and from cloud server. For example, consider a sandwich maker that is connected to internet and when the sandwiches are ready it just pops a message onto the screen of your computer on which you are working or the latest smart watch you are wearing. That way time can be saved on trips to kitchen to check whether ther are ready or not. Of course this is a small example and the scope of this concept is way beyond our imagination. Moreover this concept gathers data and executes action by employing automation, sensors, systems and services using various telecommuniation technologies and protocols.


The idea of smart cities and homes is one which has been intriguing humans from a long time. With IoT becoming a commercial reality that concept can now be put to work. India is one such country working extensively on smart cities and by 2030 smart cities India is all set to become most populous country in the world.

IoT Architecture

There are three core elements typically frequently referenced in the IoT architecture.

  • Things - Devices that have a means of connecting wired or wirelessly to a wider network.
  • Network – Similar to your router at home, the network or gateway connects multiple things to the cloud.
  • Cloud – Remote servers in a data centre consolidating and storing your data safely and securely.

IOT Infrastructure


With a predicted 26 Billion connected devices by 2020, work with the latest technologies at RS to ensure your design or environment is making the most of the connected world.

RS Components IoT Solutions

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