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7 Top Maker Projects from Make:

Make: is a community designed for makers of all types, from your occasional tinkerer to the person who lives to make stuff! Packed with articles, projects, the latest news from the maker world, guides to help you get started in subjects like 3D printing and choosing the right development board. Make: is also the power behind the Maker Faire, the greatest show-and-tell get together in the world, visit their website to find out where the next one is.

You can also subscribe to Make: as well, that gives you access to all of their digital archives, plus 6 bimonthly magazines, 6 digital issues and the Make: E-Newsletter. Whatever your flavour, Make: is bound to have it covered, so if you are into DIY, love to roll up your sleeves and get making, then head on over to Make: and satisfy your creative urges!

Visit Make:

Look what we found

We took the opportunity to scour the Make: website for some fantastic projects that you could get your teeth stuck into and have some fun at the same time, look what we found:

3D printer high power electric unicycle


If you want to cruise the boardwalk at a stately 20mph on a single wheel electric cycle that you built yourself, then look no further! This 500w powered, 3D printed, Mobile App controlled project is sure to get you noticed, and to top it off, it costs so much less than the one you would buy in the shops (and to be honest, where’s the fun in just buying one?).

Make it


Raspberry Pi Skycam


This Raspberry Pi-powered Skycam is just that, a neat little 3D printed robot with a built-in camera (that has pan and tilt features) that travels along a rope or string. All controlled by your mobile phone, pretty nifty!

Make it


Magnetic Levitation Plant


If the idea of a floating plant takes your fancy then look no further than this intriguing project. Easy to make with just a few parts, and it saves you all the hassle of actually going out and buying a real one from the store too!

Make it


Arduino Alarm system 


Security is paramount in this world of ours, you can no longer leave that glorious sandwich in the fridge at work safely without the niggling doubt that some hungry colleague might decide that he is far more deserving of your food than you are. Enter the Arduino Yun security system! A fun project that will help keep your goodies safe.

Make it


Sky Tracker for Astrophotography


On a clear night, with zero light pollution, the stars above our head can be a wondrous vision. For those with a passion for photography (like me), this neat little project can help you capture all that heavenly glory without the associated streaking a regular very slow shutter speed would produce. Get cracking and track those stars with this great idea.

Make it 


Musical Scratchbox


This is a new one for me…making a ‘Scratchbox’ from an old Walkman, and using expired credit cards, store cards or just about anything with a magnetic strip to create ‘sounds’.  I don’t know about you, but I want to try this fella out just to see what noises it will make!

Make it 


Arduino Guitar Pedal Stompbox


Built around open source and open hardware this rocking Arduino based guitar pedal will ensure those who share your home with you will be aware when you are in. Simple to construct, you don’t need a degree in electronics to build and enjoy this project.

Make it


As you can probably tell, Make: is a great website, stuffed to the rafters with everything your tinkering heart desires, get along there today and see what else tickles your fancy! And if you are keen to learn more about the maker scene, get yourself along to one of your local Maker Faires.

Visit Make:

All images courtesy of Make:

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