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3 Jul 2017, 13:38

6 things you might have missed in June

Raspberry Pi scoops top engineering award

Congratulations to Raspberry Pi on winning the Royal Academy of Engineering's MacRobert Prize at a ceremony in London. Running since 1969, this prestigious innovation award has also been won by the creators of the CT scan, the Severn Bridge, and the Xbox Kinect, amongst other brilliant winners.

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Invisible touch tech firm Ultrahaptics gets £17.9 million investment

‘Touch virtual objects in mid-air’ – TAKE MY MONEY! Bristol start-up Ultrahaptics, which uses ultrasound to give users the sensation of ‘feeling without touching’, has received significant investment to drive global expansion into the virtual and augmented reality market.

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Source CNN


Start Enabling Machine Vision: For When The Machines Rise Up Against Us

“When” not “If” the robots rise up against us, according to DesignSpark member Redstone machine vision will play an important part. And the Intel ZR300 RealSense camera could just be the enabling technology that unleashes Skynet’s wrath on the unsuspecting population.

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Kuka industrial robotics brings expertise to consumer robots

You might be getting an extra hand to load the dishwasher soon if Kuka has anything to do with it. The German industrial robotics giant has announced (with its new Chinese owners Midea) its intent to bring an extra helping hand to the home.

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A dancer performing with a Kuka robot during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Paralympic Games. Photo by Buda Mendes / Getty Images


Steve Wozniak praises makers and open source

We all know the Raspberry Pi community is second to none, but an unlikely tech legend might be in the forum. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple said he often does his own DIY projects using Raspberry Pi’s in a keynote speech at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing 2017. Find out what else he had to say about open source and the maker movement.

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Steve Wozniak (left) chat with Design News Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Deffree (right) during his keynote at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing 2017. (Image source: Design News).


Build your own MCU architecture

RISC-V has been hitting the headlines recently as an open source MCU architecture. Ever wanted to learn how MCUs work or design your own? Well now is your chance using the Digilent Arty FPGA board.

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3 Jul 2017, 13:38