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14 Aug 2019, 7:41

5G or not 5G - Shakespeare and the extended reality experience

DesignSpark attended the recent Codex Talk - 5G and Extended Reality Showcase, at the Soho Hotel, London 12 June 2019, lead sponsor: Wiggin.

Whilst the Royal Shakespeare Company was not the first example of innovation that we expected to see at a 5G event, they certainly delivered an impressive performance on how technology can be used to bring the shared experience of Shakespearean theatre to the masses.

Sarah Ellis, who is the Director of Digital Development at the RSC explained to the audience why it's important, for something that has essentially been performed since the 1590s, continues to explore technology and develop new ways to experience the works of Shakespearean theatre.

Using 5G technology Sarah explains how you could essentially have the best seats in the house, or how about actually being up there on stage with the actors during the performance.

Technology in the hands of artists allows them to innovate and explore and push new concepts. Now with 5G, the opportunities for artists to develop new and immersive experiences for users is greater than ever.

In this second video, George Tsirtsis from Qualcomm, tells us how 5G will unlock the potential for extended reality (VR/AR/XR), whilst positioning the ecosystem for 5G delivery.

As George says, 5G is here to stay and he closes with a prediction that by 2025 mixed reality will be fully embraced in the enterprise world and gaming community, with many of us using smart viewer glasses on a daily basis.

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14 Aug 2019, 7:41